International Research Framework

The European Capitals of Culture Policy Group has developed an international research framework for European Capitals of Culture.

The research framework includes recommendations to commission, conduct and present research on ECoCs. The Policy Group has indentified six thematic themes under which a series of indicators have been identified. The outcomes of the work are presented in the report ‘An international framework of goodpractice in research and delivery of the European Capital of Culture Programme’. To download the report, click here: ECoC Policy Group_Research Framework.

The framework can be applied to the impact assessment in European Capitals of Culture across European countries and beyond. It can hence serve as a guideline for future ECoCs. Elements of the framework could also be used for evaluation and research on other cultural initiatives.

The report has been presented at an event in Brussels in July 2010. The presentations can be downloaded from

You can discuss with us about this in the comments box below.


2 Responses

  1. I am publishing in these days a book on European Culture Capitals and I would like to be kept informed about what is going on

    • Hello Riccardo, in the next couple of days we will be publishing the final research report of our Policy Group. Please watch this space for updates.
      Thanks for your interest!

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